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More About Craft Town Fabrics Coupon Code:

Fabrics are quite important and rather than buying something readymade many people prefer to buy their fabrics. Craft Town Fabrics is a website that sells different kinds of fabrics and the shop has existed since 1971. Currently, they only operate via their online website. They do specialize in quilting and you can get several kits from them. The website is easy to use and they update it quite frequently. They have always been a place to get great fabrics and previous customers have always talked good things about them. So, if you need some fabrics, then you may order some from Craft Town Fabrics. Do not forget to check out their fascinating block subscription options.

Craft Town Fabric Products:

Let us have a look at some of the products that you are going to get in the Craft Town Fabric website.


We are going to start with the obvious product that is the fabrics. You will get them in different styles, patterns, and materials on this website. They make sure to stock fabrics that are in trend and are of great quality. Along with running fabric, you can also get pre-cut fabric according to your choice. They also update pre-order fabrics from time to time and provide them at an affordable cost.

Threads and Sowing Accessories: 

If you are going to quilt or sow, you will need your thread and this website is a great place for getting them. You can get standalone yarns or you can get a complete set with different colors. They have a nice selection of colors along with a great variety in the type and material of the thread. The website is also great for buying any sowing notions that one may require for their project.

Block of the Month: 

As we said already, they have a subscription option where you choose a block and it lasts for 6 months or 12 months. They charge you every month and send you a part of the block each month. It is a great way to get into the craft and to make something beautiful. They update the blocks every month and there are always great designs.


Quilt kits are another great way to get your hands on crafting. They send you the whole kit at once and you can start working on it. The kits also work as great gifts. They are of great quality and one can get them in any of the designs that they like.

Why should you buy from Craft Town Fabrics? 

When you are the website you will be greeted with colorful fabrics that welcome you to their world. You will notice that they have mentioned all their helpline numbers upfront in the tab, so they are quite happy to help out in case of any problem. In their home, you can always see their latest and popular fabrics which they often update according to the season. You can get fabrics from notable designers on this website.

They have different materials available on their website and it is the perfect place to acquire the things that you need for sewing or quilting. You can also subscribe to the blocks that they have on the website.

Customers of the website note that the fabrics are of great quality and their delivery is upfront and quick. They also have flash sales every day, which is quite pocket-friendly and lets you buy more things.

How to save using Craft Town Fabrics? 

Fabrics can often get expensive but are not the case when it comes to this website. They provide a discount on all of the products that they have on the website, especially when you buy them in bulk. Apart from that, they also host flash sales where the products are put up for sale almost daily. One of the most interesting things about Craft Town Fabrics is the cashback offer that they have where lucky customers can get a lot of their money back. You can also apply to their newsletter so that they can send you offers and coupons from time to time.

If you are a person who is into quilting, then we will suggest you subscribe to any of the blocks as it helps you to save a lot on each of them. They provide free shipping when you buy products from the website above $100.

How to make use of Craft Town Fabrics? 

If you have some problems to access the website, then here are some of the steps that you should follow to make it work.

  • The first thing to do is to go to the browser and type in the name of the website and click on the search result.
  • When you are in the home of the website, you can check the different categories of products that they have or select something from the flash sale. Add the items to the cart and update the quantity of them.
  • Register yourself on the website and then go to your cart to finish off the payment. They provide you different options for payments.
  • Save the payment receipt that is provided by the website as you may need it later.
  • The website does provide free delivery over a certain amount and they ship the products as soon as possible and it is packed well.

Final Thoughts about Craft Town Fabrics:

All we would like to say that the website is an amazing place to visit if you want to buy fabrics, sowing materials or quilting kits. They have amazing patterns and they update the website from time to time. It is perfect for those people who have no time to visit a craft store to buy fabrics or other things. We will recommend you to go through the website well to find the things that you like. They have categorized their items quite well to make things easier for you.

They always entertain calls from the users, so call them during the time frame that they have mentioned. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the service that the website will provide and you will have a fantastic experience when you get the product. Think of getting a quilting block or set as they are amazing.