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More About FomoFoam Coupon Code:

FomoFoam and Commercial Thermal Solutions is an independent company that sells Handi-Foams for professional usages.FomoFoam offers Handi-foams both for residential purposes and commercial purposes as well. The Handi-foams provided by FomoFoam would be perfect for all commercial buildings including Airports, Colleges, etc.

In addition to that, the Handi-foams offered by FomoFoam are used for ship and boat insulation and acts as a best soundproofing agent. The high-density feature of Handi-foam is perfect for air sealing.

FomoFoam offers various handi-foam products for Surface spraying, Cavity walls,to reseal the penetrations in roofs,and for outdoor conditions.

FomoFoam provides all self-contained Handi-Foam polyurethane spray foam insulation kits that completely assembled and ready to use condition. In addition,handi-Foams of FomoFoam are simple to use and recyclable.

About FomoFoam’s products and categories:

The products of FomoFoam can be categorized as 4 main Categories namely Slow Rise, Roof Patch,Fast Rated, and Quick Cure.

Handi-Foam P10709 Slow Rise Kit:

This model of Handi-foam assumed to yield 100 board foot approximately and are perfect to fill molds and existing cavities in the wall.

Handi-Foam P10732 Slow Rise kit:

This model of Handi-foam presumed to yield 200 board foot roughly and like P10709 Slow Rise Model, these kits are also are perfect to fill molds and existing cavities in the wall.

Handi-Foam P10700 Quick Cure kit:

This model of Handi-foam proved to yield around 100 board foot and comes as two parts and can be used for multi-purposes.

Handi-Foam P10720 Quick Cure kit:

This model of Handi-foam presumed to yield nearly 200 board foot and like P10700 Quick Cure, it also comes as two parts and can be used for multi-purposes.The only difference is, it yields 100 board foot extra when compared with the previous model.

Handi-Foam P10726 E84 Fire Rated kit:

This model of Handi-foam assumed to yield around 200 board foot.It is used for spraying on the surfaces and exclusively designed for new constructions.

Handi-Foam P10762 E84 Fire Rated kit:

This model of Handi-foam supposed to yield 600 board foot roughly. Like Model P10726 E84 Fire Rated, It is used for spraying on the surfaces(open cavity).

Handi-Foam P10725 Roof Patch kit:

This model of Handi-foam presumed to yield around 150 board foot approximately and being used as a multipurpose kit.

Handi-Foam P10750 Roof Patch kit:

This model of Handi-foam supposed to yield  cover 425 board foot and being used as a multipurpose kit.

All the products of the FomoFoam brand are not only user-friendly, but also environmentally friendly.

All the Handi-foams produced by FomoFoam are fully assembled,portable and ready to use condition.Easy disposal feature is an additional benefit.

As a precaution, it is strongly recommended to use a respirator mask and a prefilter while handling must read the operating instructions and Manage Material Safety Datasheets before you use them to avoid any possible dangers since all the important and additional information are clearly stated in it.

Why should you buy FomoFoam’s products:

The premium Quality Spray Foam insulation Kits offered by FomoFoam is an excellent option to insulate walls and surfaces permanently.

The kits comes up with safety measures instructions that guide us on Safe handling and Usage, Storage and Disposal. And your further queries will be sorted out by their customer assistance support. what you have to do is just to make a call to their toll-free number provided on their official website.

All the Handi-Foams produced by FomoFoam are Pentabromodiphenyl ether free since the toxicity of this chemical will get into human body by inhalation and could remain in the body even for years eventually resulting in thyroid,liver and Neuro centric problems.

It is strongly recommended to use FomoFoam’s Handi-foams for professional use only.

How to save using FomoFoam’s coupon codes:

Despite the fact that the safe way to save money is only by folding it and putting it in our pocket. We need to spend it when it is needed to be spent .when it could save much more in the future, our right now expenditure is just an investment.

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How to make use of FomoFoam’s coupon codes:

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Log on to or the Fomofoam website and enter the coupon code wherever applicable.

Final thoughts about FomoFoam:

All the Handi-Foams of FomoFoam are of Premium Quality, Reusable, easily disposable, portable, etc.

Exclusive Handi-Foams are being offered to insulate cavity walls and Surfaces respectively.

handi-Foams of FomoFoam does not contain any small traces of Penta-BDEs.Thus, safe to use.

The availability of safety instructions along with customer support to sort out clarifications is another superlative feature of FomoFoam.