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More About Golden State Tax Training Institute Coupon Code:

Golden State Tax Training Institute is a U.S based private provider of Qualifying Education(QE) and Continuing Education(CE). The Institute is approved by the California Tax Education Council(CTEC) and Internal Revenue Service, the revenue service of the Federal Government U. S. Right from the year 1983,GSTTI(Golden State Tax Training Institute) offers courses for Tax professionals.

The main focus of GSTTI is super dedicated customer service and customer satisfaction.GSTTI finds a progressive way to provide quality CE and QE.

About Golden State Tax Training Institute’s Services and categories:

The offered courses are,

CTEC 20 Hour Continuing Education:

As an mandatory requirement,every tax professional must undergo this 20 Hour Continuing Education from an CTEC approved provider.This course is a self study course where all the materials will be provided by GSTTI.Upon completing this course,one could be directly eligible for IRS Annual Filing Season Program which means your name will be included in the IRS AFSP as preparer without any preliminary tests/checks.

Out of 20 hours,10 and 3 hours is allocated for Federal tax and California Tax respectively ,and 3 hours for Federal tax updation and the rest is for ethics.

With respect to the course,you can either choose Electronic option or book option.In the Electronic Option,you have to take the exam only online whereas in the book option you can choose paper exam also.The cost ranges between $35 and $65 approximately inclusive of any shipping services.

IRS 18 Hour Annual Filing Season Program:

This course is for Tax return Preparers the course includes an sub course called Annual Federal Tax Refresher Course which will be for 6 hours.Out of the remaining 12 hours,10 hours allocated for Federal Tax and the rest is for Ethics and other conducts.

All the other features in terms of packages are as same as CTEC 20 Hour Continuing Education except minor differences in the cost.This course ranges between $40 and $70.

CTEC 60 Hour Qualifying Education:

This is a mandatory course if you want to become a tax preparer in California.

In this 60 hour course,both Tax law Education for both Federal and California is included.A 43 hour sub course for Federal Tax law and 15 hour sub course for California Tax Law and the remaining 2 hours is allocated for Ethics.

Since it is a 60 hour course,cost is quite high when compared to the other two courses.It’s $120 if you study through Electronic mode and $175 if you choose Book Option.

Why should you Join Golden State Tax Training Institute’s Courses:

GSTTI provides assistance and guidance not only for the courses but also with the tax codes updation.

GSTTI money-back guarantee option for any reason within 60 days of purchase is a pretty good policy.

The certification process does not require much time due to the Notification service provisions to both IRE and CTEC. After a simple registration process, your certification process is simplified through Electronic Notifications.

GSTTI guides you in succeeding in the Special Enrollment Examination of the IRS. It guides in all the 3 part exams and provides practice tests to make your first attempt successful. If by chance, if you don’t succeed,GSTTI will refund the full amount to you.

The Electronic option for all the courses are added benefits you can take the exam online and all the certificates and reports will be emailed and will be notified by IRS and CTEC. If you opt for Book Option, you can enjoy all the privileges of an Electronic option along with the other features like free shipping cost since the amount has been already included in the package.

For all the books, they offer Electronic versions and printed versions. In spite of the introduction of Kindle and other e-book sources, still, some love only to have a book on hand. Anyhow, GSTTI satisfies all the Generation’s requirements.

How to save using Golden State Tax Training Institute’s coupon codes:

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Final thoughts about Golden State Tax Training Institute:

The GSTTI provides very beneficial courses for Tax preparers and the well defined comprehensive study materials make the institute, a top-rated one.

The books provided by GSTTI for TRC and CTEC are highly recommended and are one of the best comprehensive books.

Optional services like Exam service (all the incorrect Question/Answers will be emailed to the customer), Priority Mail Certificate, Express Mail with the former as free of cost is a good approach.

They do provide online services for all tax centric CTEC and IRS courses and the materials can be downloaded as many times after the enrolment.